Tarian Welden

Half-Elf Bard (3rd level)


Might as well write something about myself in the diary. So, here I present to you, reader, the first entry. I don’t know who you are or when you are, but I hope my works bring you inspiration as they did to me (They’re the reason for the diary.). I hope you’ll be encouraged to go to adventures and battle whatever monsters dwell in your time. And last but not least, I want you to hold precious that what you have, for you never know when you might lose it. Without further ado, I present to you:


It all started long time ago, when I realised my abilites weren’t suited for nature. I was weaker then the rest, even though my body was nimble and not very fragile. I was a little smarter then some people and I had influence here and there. Though, I was always rash in decisions, and though I did plan some things carefully, I rarely take care of the parts which I consider to be perfect as they are.

I packed some of my things which were my flute and the cloak I found. The outer side of the cloak being leather either painted or naturally blue and the inner being more of a winter side with black fur. It could be turned around ofcourse, which helped if I needed to sneak around.

I was always a curious guy, wondering around. So, on my travels I made more then a few stops and always visiting the local libraries or sages. If I had the time, I’d visit the musicians, trying to get lessons. I was not very serious then (I’m not very serious when relaxed now, either) so I didn’t care about my impression, unless of course I had to make a good one. I’m still wanted in one of the towns, unfortunatly causing an accident that killed a noble. That was the last town I visited before the final stop of that travel. I did get a souvenir though, a rapier. Not a very shiny or jeweled one, but practical for combat.

And there I was, standing in front of the town gates, telling the guards what they want to know before letting me in. It was a small town trying to look big, but there was really nothing attractive about it. It was simple enough, being a coastal city with little to no visitors. There were no trade routes or tactical positions that would use it, so it was rarelly a target of battles. Perfect for what I had in mind. Training.

So, after a month of sleeping in taverns (I had stole gained some gold in my travels) and lots of lying, bribing and false connections, I managed to present myself as a noble connected to the local familly. They had to accept me as rumors already started to go around about their “unhospitality”. Well, long story short, since I looked very young, they insisted on hiring teachers, mentors and what not. It was useful though. I expanded my already broad knowledge and trained my performing and dueling skills.

So, after four years of living like a real noble, having finished my studies, I went back to find my brother. Interestingly, I was ambushed on my way from the town I left to a small village. I though for a second what to do. I was really suprised by the ambush, and ever more suprised by using what I learnt. I took my flute and started playing it instinctivly, making the two bandits drowzy. I’ve heard about magical music, but I’ve never seen it, nor performed it.

Now, from that point, I train in magic, collecting notes (Both musical and the other kind) about what I see. Funny, the most about magic that I learned, I learned myself. It comes naturally to me, though not trough bloodline as I heard some people get their magic from. I’m also collecting other’s people notes, though only if I’m sneaky enough to grab them or they’re dead.

Now, enough with my ramblings. After some time I managed to find my brother. I don’t remember if he joined The Platinum Dragon before or after our reunion, but I do remember joining as soon as I found out he did. I follow him, making up for his reckless mistakes and helping him in his amaizing acomplishments. I’m also trying to get what I always wanted. Fame. Money helps too, but inspiration is that which is most valuable. It’s said that greatest art pieces in history were made during travels. Let’s hope one of my works joins that category.

I’ll end my first entry here. If Guild of the Platinum Dragon is still active, reader, feel free to join. Tell them Tarian sent you. Maybe I became famous at the time you’re reading this. Good luck.

Tarian Welden

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