Guild of the Platinum Dragon

Tarian's Diary - Entry #4

...Continues with Red Brands...

We brought the goods to Phandalin, finding Gundren wasn’t there. So, when we delivered them to Barthen’s Provisions, we (Well, I) weren’t suprised when we were aproached by a man. He introduced himself as SIldar Hallwinter, the ambassador of Neverwinter. He started talking and when Elthanias showed him the empty scroll case, he said it contained a map to some lost caves that Gundren was attempting to discover. I haven’t payed much attention to the conversation, honestly. I probably should have.

He told us how we have a room and dinner in the local inn, which was a nice gesture. As we were going to the inn, we found a shrine or a well of some sort that was dedicated to the deity of Luck. Each one of us dropped some coinage into it, except Dragar. He was wiser then all of us when he left a gold coin on the border of the well, so that someone in need can use it. I hope that the Deity won’t be angry at the taker.

As soon as we entered the Inn, my brother went to sleep. He was waking up before us even when he doesen’t go earlier to sleep, so this coudln’t be good. Though, I haven’t given it much thought at the time when we sat around the table and ordered our dinner. One thing that did catch my attention is the, as we later found out, Red Brands. They were talking about their accomplishments. Ofcourse, you can guess that they didn’t do anything productive by now. They were plundering, stealing, making a mess, and they thought it was something to brag about?

They were preparing to leave by throwing their dished off the table, which they later flipped. After they left, one of us called the bartender, asking him what all that fuss was about. He explained what and who they are in a few short sentences, visibly scared and uncomfortable. But we found out enough about their gang. All of us except my brother.

We went to sleep, and in that time nothing happens. Usually. As I was told later (I can’t confirm any of this since I wasn’t present when it happened)), since I wasn’t woken up as easily by my brother, unlike the rest, he had some adventures. When he was done sleeping, he decided to go for a walk, passing by what we learned later was a suspicious Inn (The home of Red Brands) and walking up to the Ruins, another one of the suspicious buildings.

He heard two people talking, so he had to make a joke of some sorts. When one of them asked who he was, he said something like “Your subconsciousness.”, thinking he was witty. In the moment, it might have been funny to him, but when he arrived all bloody, it wasn’t really amusing. Anyway, he said he’s going to deal with them personally, as they have no sense of humor. Though, I think he’ll just get into more trouble.

Anyway, we woke up, and the others had a talk. I really should start to speak more, but there’s nothing I had to add. They talked about Red Brands, and my brother’s adventures. He made a turban or something so they wouldn’t recognize him. If I had the time, I made a little poem, as a friendly and brotherly joke to him.

“Argetlam, the Turban Crowned,
because of him, we all frowned.
He tried to hide from his mistakes,
and thought a turban’s all it takes.

Argetlam the Turban Crowned,
in his wisdom always proud.
Fast reflexes, decisions rash,
a silver fist he used to bash.

But in his hearth,
we knew he’s good.
And save us all,
we know he would.

Argetlam the Turban Crowned,
in a forest, monks he found.
From death, one he did bravely save,
martial lessons, the monk gave.

Argetlam the Turban Crowned,
up-side-down, he turned our frowns.
With his humour and his speed,
he’s as fast as a fast steed.

Here ends the tale,
of the Turban Prince.
Chaotic ‘child’
of Elven kins."

(The first piece of art or music (or whatever you want to call it) that I made after joining The Platinum Dragon is a little mocking Poem. Not the kind I was hoping to get inspiration for. It’s not perfect, either, as it was made late during the night. Though, I am proud of it and hope that, in the future, it becomes atleast one of the more famous children songs.)

Anyway, Dragar went outside to see if Red Brands show up, and they did. He was trying to scare them, I guess. We also talked with SIldar, who was about to give us our next assignment, but we asked to get rid of Red Brands first. We made a visit to the Mayor. He was a coward, and maybe even a traitor to his own town. Or atleast I suspected. He didn’t really seem eager to get rid of the Red Brand rats.

We were also asked to visit Halia Thornton, who had a business with gemstones, jewelry and the like. She said she would give us anything in return for getting rid of Redbrands. Dragar, the honest, good-hearthed warrior he is asked for nothing. Elthanias, the diplomat he is asked for an alliance with the guild. My brother asked for a gemstone, or jewelry, I don’t recall. I asked for a board, or a stone panel with our names. Though, there was a joke about getting a statue, and I hope she didn’t missunderstand.

Thought, Halia did say some things more usefull then giving us the offer. She told us about the Red brands, about the real owner of the ruins, who didn’t do anything with them as of yet. It seemed suspicious. Another thing she said was about the leader of the Red Brands, Glasstaff. It sounds somewhat Elven to me. Maybe it’s a nickname based on the usage of a spell or an item? Or maybe that person just happens to be a wizard who changed his name to sound more important. Anyway, I don’t like it.

Halia told us to visit one of the elders in the town, a halfling, with a family name Alderleaf. Apparently, one of her offprings had a birthday. It was quite cosy inside, and it was just the atmosphere I liked. I really don’t like how much I stopped appreciating socialization. It is in my nature and I ignored it. This was the last time, though. I won’t be stopped from having a drink with someone, or generally being a good person unless something serious is happening.

It was quite a birthday, too, and each member of the big halfling family was celebrating. They have all been so happy! It was a sight that I loved seeing. Too bad we had something else to do later on, which will ruin the atmosphere for us. Atleast I had some fun playing my flute for the attendants of the party. Elthanias and Dragar also showed a couple of their own tricks, which I am always glad to see. We could have been a little performing band if we weren’t adventurers already.

So, Elthanias and Dragar talked with her, an activity I also have to start doing. We found out that the ruins have a secret entrance, and that another of her offspirngs, Milo, can take us there. There were also talks about a, now abandoned, mine. But, the focus today was on the Red Brands. No one tyrannizes a town and hurts my brother if I’m around. Not that I could deal with them alone, but if I have someone, I can help him deal with them like no one else can. Though, one of the main reasons of helping people, except to help them, is that feeling of being respected and honored in an area. Being a hero, almost famous. Besides, the fame I want is not obtained by villainy.

Milo brought us to the entrance, which lead us to the, generously said, basement of the ruins trough a tunnel. It obviously wasn’t refined and there was a rift in the ground, with a couple of bridges spanning across it. Fortunatly, I didn’t have to carry a lantern for Dragar as there were torches on the wall. I swear, if I have to do it one more time, I’ll buy him some sort of voodoo enchanted magical whatever glasses that help people see in the dark. Though, considering how, to be rude, usefull he is, and how good-hearthed he is, I don’t mind at the moment of battle.

Speaking of battle, there was suddenly a sense of an upcoming one. And I know that, like the Red Brands, there were little chances of persuading with the creature that appeared. Since I have heard of telepathy before, I can describe this as a form of it. Except, we all heard it. The voice spoke some words that I can’t remember. Elthanias tried to initiate a conversation or cast a spell, something that required words already, but Dragar was faster. He dashed towards what I then saw was a big, one eyes creature. And, it wasn’t stupid if I was to judge by the ability it just showed. Not many people are capable of telepathy without magic.

Now, I acted upon my first reflex of taking the dagger I kept in my boot and throwing it at it. I was focused, throwing it with precision I never had before. My lucky dagger never missed, and this was another confirmation. But, I was suprised at how little the creature minded. As if I rolled snake eyes. Dragar fought it with his flail while Elthanias shot it with bolts of cold ice. My brother used his bow, hitting it with the precision I also had earlier with the dagger. But if the creature managed to live, his arrow would still leave a permanent mark. I tried suggesting it (magicly) to stay still so Dragar can finish him off (I didn’t tell him the last part), but it just brushed my magic off. And, Dragar didn’t need my help, it seemed. He knocked the creature down just as I was going to take my dagger back. My eternal thanks go to Elthanias and his Mage Hand, which retrieved my lucky dagger.

Ofcourse, since we weren’t really hurt, we advanced. I would describe the path we took, but I just followed the rest. The scenario that follows reminded me of an earlier battle. Skeletons and fire, a door (opened this time) in between us, what a combination. There were three of the bone people, and a flask of oil that was splashed on the floor was quickly ignited. I probably should’ve knocked on wood when I said my dagger never missed, as the streak ended. Two of them where already finished when Argetlam wanted to lock one’s arm with his ribcage. Dragar managed to hit him with his flail first.

In the room, three present bandits were alerted. Elthanias put one to sleep instantly, Dragar and Argetlam taking care of one each. Coincidentaly, the one Argetlam was fighting was the one without a sense of humour. So, my brother felt obligated to tell jokes untill the poor guy laughed. I think he died from the wounds, but I’m not sure. Besides, I wanted to either kill all of them, or recruit them to our guild and show them there’s better things then tyranny. By the time I took my dagger, all of them were unconcious.

Then, I saw what they were guarding. Two cells, one with a rotten corpse and one with a woman and two children. They were scared of Dragar, but Elthanias managed to ease the fear. Quickly we gathered some information, some of which was already presumed. It was time to rest, anyway, so we decided to take them back home.

Now that I think about it, Glasstaff must be powerful. He had a creature able to speak trough telepathy and three skeletons at his service. Around twently people listened to his commands. I am interested in this, as we might be over our heads. Either that, or Glasstaff found some scrolls of Necromancy. I hope to meet him.



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