Half-Elf Sorcerer


My name is Elthanias. 29 years ago I was born to a human rogue father and an elf wizard mother. Quite a ‘lady and the tramp’ love story, as you can probably guess.

I grew up in the ‘City of Sails’, my father’s hometown, Luskan. My parents met there when my mother was passing through on one of her travels during her studies to become a wizard. My father was hired to steal a trade document carried by a high ranking official from Waterdeep that arrived on the same ship my mother was travelling with. She overheard his crew of misfits planning the heist at the local inn ‘The Bloody Tusk’ and got to test her protective wards later that evening when she caught him rummaging around the official’s cabin when he was out and about. He quickly went on to explain about the long-lasting corruption among Luskan’s political ranks (ran by loosely affiliated mages at the Host Tower of the Arcane), so, intrigued, she decided to come back after her studies and join my father’s rebellious cause.

Even though there aren’t an awful lot of elfs in Luskan, I never really felt out of place being a half-breed, so as to hide my pointy ears. I still did that, though… grew my hair out, wore hoodies… simply to avoid any unwanted conversations. It became apparent something about me is different, however, when my so-called “wild magic” started to manifest when I was around 5-6 years old. You can only hide spontaneous self-combustion, random levitation, height and skin shade change so many times. I never seemed to be able to trace the origin of my powers, and my parents can’t recall of any sorcerers among their ancestors, so at the age of 18 I’ve embarked on an adventure to find out what the hell happened to me, and how can I contain and use this seemingly unlimited source of raw magical power.

When I set out on my Try-Not-to-Die-from-Random-Magic quest, my father gave me his enchanted dagger ‘Stardust’, made from thunderbolt iron. He never told me what it actually does, though. He said I’ll figure that out on my own when the time comes. Also to help me on my journey, my mother gave me a diamond she used to use to channel her Chromatic Orb spell, since that’s one of the first spells I’ve learned on my own. I also read somewhere that a staff can be used as an arcane focus for those uncontainable spells, so I’ve fashioned myself a quarterstaff from an ash tree branch. It’s ugly, but it’s mine.

So now, after spending time at a few renown universities over the past couple of years, studying Arcana, I’m traversing the plains of Faerun in hopes of finding the source of my sorcerous powers… and some fame and fortune, while at it.


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